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after clearing Immigration and Customs, go out to the arrival hall. Use the first door on the right, exiting the terminal at the Information Desk. Once outside, turn right and walk towards the Groovy Grouper bar, a Representative will be standing behind the barricade with a sign displaying NATIVE TOURS JAMAICA


After leaving the ship, proceed to the lobby; go through the lobby and take the left turn, follow the walk path to the first gate on right at the security post (Gate # 1), walk out through this gate and follow the palm trees to the main road (You will see a drop bar). When you get to this point, look for the tent. Go to the dispatchers under the tent and let them know you have a pre-arranged tour with Native Tours Jamaica. The dispatcher will call your driver who will be waiting in the parking area. You can reach us at 876-827-4005 if you have any problems.


After leaving the ship, please proceed to the area where the Independent Pre-Booked Operators are parked. Exit the cruise terminal, take the walk path on the right; go past the clock, then Margaritaville. Walk for about a minute. At the end of the shops, look to the right for a single white tent, your driver will be waiting under the tent for you. If you do not see your driver, please call 876-827-4005 for assistance.